Umo Vogue – Just My Love (The Boiled Sweets Mix)

umo 1 umo a4

I got this out of the 20p bin in a really good (i.e. cheap and bearing stuff for me) Oxfam. It came still sealed and with an ‘Issue One’ booklet. I looked them up when I got home and they didn’t make it as far as ‘Issue Two’, unfortunately. I fully expected it to be awful, like most of my records, but no! It’s pretty much exactly what I’m into today…

It’s a really good “Sound of 1984” record, like Section 25 or Digital Emotion. I’m particularly into the weak/understated vocals and, well, the entire song really, which according to the booklet is “a deliberate send up of Debbie’s sex-kitten appeal”. I presume she’s fit but can’t really tell from the grainy arty photos in in the book.

I’m not as keen on the B-side, with its more barking singing style, but it does manage to pinpoint the exact meeting point of ‘Native Love‘ and ‘The Things That Dreams Are Made Of ‘. With an English Gina X on vocals.

Click on the above 3 links at the same time for an approximation…

(I’m not even joking. I tried it, and it pretty much worked.)

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Ghosts Of Dance – Walking Through Gardens



As my blog turns 40 (posts) I thought I’d put up a special record to celebrate. It’s the first record I bought, and the one I’ve listened to most, since moving back ‘up north’ at the start of the year.

I’ve done lots of walking (through gardens as well as ‘the streets’) recently, with this song constantly playing in my head.

The band call themselves “Vocal Trance Music” on the credits. A better description than the tags I’ve given it, any day of the week.

Whatever it is, I’m well into it. More please! Unfortunately for me, as per, this was their only record.

It’s so good I even like the rotten illustration on the front cover…

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Five Stars – Two A/B



These Five Star sleeves keep turning up. I’ve seen even more of them, but some copies could have been in my waking dreams… Haunted by Five Star!

The songs on Two are a worthy follow up to No.1 (blogged here): more of that early electronic gear.

A is a sinister, gurgling, clockwork toy-town tune.

B starts with some backwards-sounding effects before settling into a slightly eerie 70’s TV theme tune, and then lasers start shooting all over the top. (Tip: stick around for the ending.)

I thought it was a day for listening to music not from 1981, for a change.

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M.G.L. – Danceteria


danceteria 3

I love a flea market! Lots of water damaged €1 records to peel apart from one another: what could be a better way of spending a holiday?

This one comes from Brussels, or maybe Lisbon… Or Marseille.

It’s one of those amateurish-sounding Euro dance, New Beat type affairs. I prefer the version with the muffled, recorded in a toilet, terrible/brilliant vocal. But, for those with better taste, I’ve included the dub instrumental as well.

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Frankie Armstrong With Women From “Babies Against The Bomb”  – Shall There Be Womanly Times Or Shall We Die?


Next up, some strident early 80’s feminist singing. Frankie Armstrong seems a fairly well known folk singer – releasing records since 1966 – unknown to me, though.

This was obviously going to be good, just off the title alone. I didn’t think it would be this good though…

This is the rare picture sleeve version.

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Eastern Variation – V.A.R.I.O.U.S.


Abject Records comes out of hibernation with this 8 minute reggae disco workout, with smears of Maggot Brain, for your enjoyment.

As always, I don’t know anything about this record. I have no idea if it’s even them on the amazing photo on the cover, but that’s kind of the point!

I got this on my recent marathon where I visited every charity shop in a 26 mile radius of my house…

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Africa Skull  –  Purple Rays


An inner sleeve for a change now, with a weird skull design vaguely in the shape of Africa.

This is a favourite of mine as I didn’t know I had it for years. It just appeared out of a record sleeve one day, shooting purple lines at me.

It’s a lovely simple design: not going overboard with the felt tips like some I know, but keeping it nice and clean.

The record with it is the usual type of stuff… a bit of vocoder, bit of new wave disco, etc.

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